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#46(3)/2019 June

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Labour market

Family policy

Cultural differences and social policy

Additional pensions: debate


About the Journal

"Problems of Social Policy. Studies and Discussions” is a scientific journal, published since 1999. It was established at the initiative of the Committee on Sciences of Work and Social Policy, Polish Academy of Sciences and the Institute of Social Policy of the University of Warsaw. At the beginning, it was a yearly, then a bi-yearly, and since 2013, it is published four times per year.

The quarterly publishes scientific articles on the widely understood social policy and other areas of public policy related to it. Social policy is understood as the involvement of the state and non-public entities in actions towards increasing the standard of living, or solving social problems on a local, national and international scale, shaping social relations (including work relations), In English, this area is identified with terms such as, among others, social policy, public policy, social problems, welfare state, welfare system. Articles published in the quarterly represent various theoretical and methodological paradigms in social sciences. They aim to diagnose the needs of society, social problems and challenges, evaluate various areas in social policy and the related public policies, social programmes and institutions, as well as theoretical and methodological questions.

Scientific articles published in the “Studies” and “From research workshops” are reviewed. The journal also includes scientific book reviews, records of academic debates (the “Forum” section), interviews with outstanding representatives of science and other materials that enrich the scientific discussion on social policy. 

The authors do not encumber any costs for submitting their texts for publication in the journal. Nor do they receive any compensation for publication – on the basis of a contract for copyright transfer for a scientific work, signed before the text is submitted for print.

The journal (archive and current issues) is available free of charge in an electronic version on the journal's website. Moreover, it is indexed in the databases: index Copernicus, CEJSH and BazEkon.

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