Ethical standards
The journal follows Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) principles. The authorship of the articles submitted should be strictly limited to the persons that have made an important contribution to the concept and interpretation of the published study results. Plagiarism, ghost-writing and guest authorship are violations of academic integrity standards, and all discovered cases thereof will be disclosed, including notifying the institutions that employ the authors.
The editorial board uses a procedure to counteract these violations. It consists in verifying texts using an anti-plagiarism system and enforcing authors’ declarations on, among others, ghost-writing and guest authorship. Texts are checked in the anti-plagiarism system and are subject to editorial review for practices of unlawful use of other authors' texts, for example by paraphrasing them without mentioning the source. If the journal’s editorial board find that the article contains unauthorised borrowings, copyrighted material from third parties without their permission or that the permission was insufficiently confirmed, as well as if the authorship of the article is contested, we reserve the right to take measures including: publication of an erratum or correction; withdrawal of the article; notification of the author's superiors from the institution indicated in her/his affiliation.

The editorial board eliminates conflicts of interest by selecting competent peer referees and obtaining appropriate declarations from them.

If the editorial board is presented with scientific articles written by a member of the editorial team or the Scientific Council, procedures are implemented to ensure impartial assessment of the texts’ content (e.g. excluding the author from assessing the substance of their work, anonymising referee details, assigning the review only to a referee outside the unit that employs the author and outside the main unit that employs the editor-in-chief).

Personal data of both the authors and referees are subject to protection in accordance with the provisions in force.