Material basis qualified employees in Poland; from backward capitalism, invalid socialism to dependant capitalism
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emerytowany pracownik INE PAN i Instytutu Gospodarki Narodowej
Publication date: 2020-06-07
Problemy Polityki Społecznej 2007;10:151-176
The article presents the history and the present situation of the salary discrepancies between white-collars, blue collars and farmers in Poland. The first part of the article describe the huge disparities in period 1918–1939, when the level white-collars salaries were up to four times higher than those of workers. In the second part, the changes during the communist time are presented. The number of white-collar employees rose three times, but comparing to the period before the 2nd world war, their living standard fell significantly. The last part of the text focuses on the contemporary situation of white-collar employees. The author, using the quantitative data discusses broadly the income disparities in present-day Poland. He states that only the living standard of the most earning decil of white-collar employees may be compared to polish bourgeoisie. On the contrary, the salaries and the living standard of 80% of whitecollar is comparable to those of blue workers. Thus this two social classes, stresses the author, should unite in defense against the bourgeoisie’s exploitation of working class in Poland.
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