Theories of migrations and the debate on a free flow of employees in an expanded European Union
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Instytut Zdrowia Publicznego Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego Instytut Pracy i Spraw Socjalnych
Publication date: 2020-06-08
Problemy Polityki Społecznej 2001;3:17-31
To understand mass migration, different explanations are used which have been formulated by history, economics, sociology and political science. The author of the article touches on the issues of the classical and neoclassical economic theory, the development theory and the theory of dual labour market. The role of the “network of the migration contacts” and political instability for the migration is being stressed, as well. After the review of the varied theoretical approaches to this matter the author presents her view on the debate about labour migrations in the process of the EU enlargement. The author states that none of the presented theories allows to unambiguous anticipation of the migration process. Moreover, doubts are aroused by the prognoses on the “migration potential” which have been conducted in Germany. The fear against the large inflow of workforce from the Central and East Europe to the EU and the proposals of transitional periods are not justified by the scientific analyses.
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