Peer Review Procedure

 1. The decision to forward or not to forward a text to peer review is preceded by the internal editorial evaluation procedure, performed by members of the editorial board (including the content editor and, if justified, the statistical editor), as well as a language editor (for texts not written in Polish). The articles are assessed in terms of contents and cognitive value. As a result of this assessment, the article may be:
- sent for review,
- returned to the Author with a recommendation to introduce changes,
- returned to the Author as not qualified for further
editorial work.
2. Origin of the Author(s), their nationality, ethnic origin, political views, gender, race or religious convictions do not influence the assessment process for the submitted article.
3. A review of each publication is prepared by two independent referees. In case of contradicting assessments of the article, the Editor may appoint a third referee. The final decision on publishing or rejecting the article is made by the Editor-in-chief.
4. Referees are chosen among specialists employed in institutions of other institutions than the one to which the Author claims affiliation. In case of Authors from outside Poland, at least one referee cones from a country different to the one original to the institution to which the Author claims affiliation.
5. The referees assess the paper in a custom review form, which allows the assessment to be complete and comparable. The review form is available for inspection on the journal's website.
6. The reviews are a product of a process in which the Author and the Referees are unaware of each other's identities (the so-called double-blind review process).
7. The Referees submit a statement of no conflict of interest in relation to the reviewed article. Referees to not assess papers to which a conflict of interests is observed, pertaining to, in particular, the relation to the Author, company or institution involved with the paper.
8. Referees are obliged to notify the editorial board of potential breaches of ethical standards by the Author(s) of the paper, including each valid likeness, partial overlapping of contents with any other work published and known to them or a suspicion of plagiarism.
9. The Editor sends the referees a digital version of the article, with all Author data (i.e, name and surname, address, institutional affiliation) removed. The Editor sends the Author(s) the reviews with all reviewer data removed (if applicable, with technical comments of the editorial board) and the information on the paper being:
o accepted for publication in the submitted version,
o accepted for publication once the revisions in response to the review and the comments from the editorial board are made,
o Rejected from publication in the form provided and offering the Author to introduce substantial changes to the text of the article,
o rejected from publication.
The Author must apply changes suggested by reviewers and the editorial board within two weeks from receiving the reviews. In specific cases, by permission of the editorial board, this period may be prolonged to four weeks. Not resubmitting the corrected terms by the requested time limit results in the editorial board abstaining from further work on the article. Apart from submitting the corrected version of the article, the Author is obliged to send an address to the reviews, describing, in particular, the concerns of the reviewers or the editorial board that have not been implemented.
10. The final decision to publish or reject an article is made after the editorial board received the corrected text and a response to the reviews. At this stage of work, the editorial board reserves the right to address the Author to introduce further corrections.
11. The list of reviewers that are referees for Problems of Social Policy in a given year is public and available on the journal's website and published in each volume
12. The Editor does not provide information on reviewers who assess particular articles.

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